The Most Current Style Trend: Adidas Yeezy Slides

Adidas Yeezy Slides

In the late 1950s, artists were all about large, expressive gestures that conveyed complex ideas in a single piece of work. Then, the minimalist movement emerged, which advocated for simplicity, practicality, and elegance. The idea quickly spread and permeated all aspects of society.

In addition to being all about being authentic and embracing life, minimalism has its origins in a lot of cool movements, such as Russian constructivism and slow-living vibes. Singers and actors in the entertainment industry are also attempting to incorporate the trend in their unique ways, with designs like the Yeezy Slides—a collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West—serving as examples.

Inquiring minds want to know: what are Yeezy Slides?

Where can I find the Onyx Adidas Yeezy Slides? Date of restock, price, and more
Slipping into these ultra-cushioned Adidas x Kanye West slippers—designed with a minimalist aesthetic in mind—is like stepping onto a cloud, thanks to the footbed’s plush top layer and the injected EVA foam that keeps them lightweight and durable.

In addition, they have been available in a variety of colors since 2018, but the first batch had hip names like “Desert Sand” and “Resin.” People loved and wore them because they were comfortable and had a distinct style.

On top of that, the outsole grooves provide both flexibility and traction, and they regularly restock and add new colors, so you can always find a pair that matches your style.

Information about Availability

As a result of their inclusive design, these Unisex Yeezy Slides are available in a wide range of sizes, from men’s 4 to 14, which corresponds to women’s 5 to 15.5 in the United States.

On top of that, they come in a variety of styles for men, women, and unisex, so you can find the perfect pair to complement your outfit. The minimalist design and neutral colors make them extremely versatile.

How many color options do you have for the Yeezy Slides?

Customers should brace themselves for the brand’s massive inventory and plethora of options, as these Adidas slippers are available in nearly every color on the market, including Green Glow, Azure, Earth Brown, and countless more.

The cost

In the beginning, Yeezy slides were $55 for adults, $45 for kids, and $35 for the little ones. However, once they became popular, their availability decreased due to huge sales, and people started finding them on Amazon for around $180.

So, if you’re fortunate, you could get a pair of the blue ones for $70. However, keep in mind that these prices aren’t fixed and can change based on factors like style, release date, and retailer.

Comparing Yeezy Slides to regular slippers, what are the main differences?

They are slightly different in style

The uppers of these slippers are crafted from thick EVA foam, making them incredibly sturdy and comfortable. You can wear them all day without your feet complaining, and they are versatile enough to rock with pretty much anything. They are all about that clean and simple vibe.

The material is of excellent quality

The cushioning in a pair of Yeezy Slides is like floating on air thanks to the use of EVA foam. This shoe is ideal for lounging around or running errands because it is lightweight, molds to your foot, and provides a cozy, squishy sensation with each step.

Customers will find them to be of great value

Because of the thick EVA foam, Yeezy slides are soft on the inside and offer a good cushion for the one who uses them. This is the good part that most people love about them.

A rainbow of hues is available

So, these slippers have one big advantage, and that is that they are available in every color imaginable. Basically, Yeezy slides are available in every color imaginable.

Things You Should Also Remember About Yeezy Slides

They might be a little steep

Although Yeezy Slides are more expensive than the ubiquitous and reasonably priced traditional slippers, the average person is still able to afford them.

Their dimensions change depending on the release

It may come as a surprise to hear that the sizes of these Yeezy Slides vary from release to release, but it’s totally possible that one pair will fit you perfectly while another pair of the same size won’t. Regardless, sizing is not an issue–Yeezy slides are available for every customer and Adidas has ensured that no one leaves the showroom dissatisfied.

You won’t find these in a shoe store

We wanted to let you know that Yeezy slides aren’t your average slippers; when you get a pair, you’ll notice that they’re different, cutting-edge, and a little strange looking. But trust us when we say that you won’t regret trying something new.


We’d like to mention that Yeezy slides are a recent arrival to the market that has the potential to captivate a lot of customers with its wide range of colors and modern style.

Moreover, thanks to Adidas and Kanye’s partnership, Yeezy slides come in an overwhelming array of colors and sizes, ensuring that no customer leaves the showroom dissatisfied

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