A two-day course on demystifying finance for non-finance managers


Understanding finance jargon is no longer just for finance specialists in today’s business world. The “Finance for Non-Finance Managers” course, which is presented over the course of two days, is intended to provide participants with the information and confidence they need to speak about business accounting and finance-related topics, regardless of how adept they are with numbers.

Goals for the Course

The course’s primary goal is to acquaint participants with current financial jargon. Through case studies and group discussions, the course further demystifies financial statements, encouraging a clear understanding and confidence in producing and examining financial data.

The course seeks to increase participants’ understanding of cost and profit with a strong emphasis on enhancing organizational performance.

As a result of their participation in this program, participants will have a better understanding of how to use financial data to grow and develop their various business sectors.

They will have an understanding of how to add value to financial data that has been generated or evaluated, as well as the structure of different information sets and how those sets relate to their specific business area.

Who It’s For and How Much It Costs

The cost of taking the course electronically is £1,100 + VAT while taking it in person in a classroom costs £1,300 + VAT.

This course enables participants to carry out their responsibilities more successfully and efficiently. It is designed for leaders and senior managers who are not finance experts but need to understand how financial data is collected and used in their organization.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to comfortably discuss money-related topics with others, dispute money-related proposals, comprehend money-related strategies, and analyze, interpret, and evaluate important financial data.

Regarding The Sessions

There are two sessions in the program. Understanding financial statements and the sources of finance is the main topic of Day One’s first lesson. Participants examine balance sheets, assets, liabilities, and important accounting principles as well as financial position statements, income statements, and balance sheets.

 The analysis and interpretation of financial statements, including profitability, liquidity, and ratios, serve as the session’s climax.

Day two’s main topics include analysis, cash flow, and budgeting. Investment evaluation, capital and operating budgeting strategies, product/service costing, break-even analysis, and an introduction to financial contribution are some of the major subjects.

Internal Training

The In-House Training staff can adapt the curriculum to meet the specific demands of your business in order to guarantee that participants enjoy the greatest educational experience possible.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be capable of explaining organizational financial information, understanding performance indicators, utilizing management accounting tools for strategic decisions, and reflecting critically on their usage of financial management information.

Once the course is confirmed, the participants will be able to reserve their lodging through Booking.com, making the learning process more efficient.

Why Professional Growth

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Take the next step toward a thriving career by investing in your professional development today with the help of this engaging course and other professional training programs. You may demystify finance and improve your managerial skills by enrolling in the “Finance for Non-Finance Managers” course.

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