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Since being married in April 2022, Christina Hall and her husband, Joshua Hall, have been sharing their passionate journey of love and home improvement on HGTV as the star of “Christina on the Coast.” Many viewers worldwide have fallen in love with the pair because of their affection and shared passion for renovating homes.

Christina and Joshua Hall’s intimate wedding took place at a courthouse.

Christina, renowned for her love of seclusion, decided on a low-key wedding ceremony. She and Joshua Hall exchanged vows in a private courthouse ceremony in April 2022, keeping their big day small and intimate.

They were joined by their close family and friends for a beautiful seaside celebration in Maui, Hawaii, after their wedding. Their marriage reflected their wish to keep certain facets of their lives private.

Utilizing social media to share love and life

Christina and Joshua have been outspoken about their romance on social media despite their preference for a private existence. The couple frequently provides glimpses into their relationship while expressing their happiness and appreciation for meeting. The power, joy, and harmony they share in their connection are evident in their posts.

Together, take ‘Christina in the Country’ for a journey.

The couple has appeared together on her HGTV program, “Christina in the Country,” since getting married. The program gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at their relationship while demonstrating their love of home improvement and creating a home together. Their chemistry on film and similar objectives are evidence of their close relationship and shared understanding.

Joshua Hall is Christina Hall’s husband.

Joshua Hall, Her spouse, is a registered realtor with an office in Austin, Texas. The couple complements each other beautifully off-screen and in real life, thanks to their mutual passion for remodeling and residences. Their collaborations on the HGTV program “She in the Country” have demonstrated their smooth cooperation and common goals.

From a brand-new boyfriend to a devoted husband

Joshua and her relationship took off immediately after dating in the spring of 2021. They were engaged in September of the same year, which was a big step in their relationship. Their joy and contentment are evident through their social media channels, demonstrating their abiding love and companionship for one another.

Children of Christina and Custody Battle

Christina, a mother of three, has experienced a variety of difficulties. She went through a difficult custody dispute in 2022 with the father of her third kid, Hudson, born in 2019. She also has two elder kids from her previous union with Tarek El Moussa, Taylor, and Brayden. The encounters have bolstered Christina’s resolve and dedication to her kids and family.


Christina Hall’s engagement with Joshua Hall has given her enduring HGTV program, “She on the Coast,” a fresh dimension of romance and camaraderie. This pair has a shared passion for house improvement, which they want to pursue both on and off-camera. Their trip gives us an insight into the struggles and joys of couples trying to balance their private and public lives.

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