SXO: Onion Optimization


SEO and SXO are separated by a single letter, but they don’t focus on the same topic. The former ensures proper referrals on our pages, while the latter is consistently based on user experience. One thing is for sure, both techniques take time to get used to.

We already tend to promote user experience better known as UX. Google isn’t satisfied with just showing you content, it also receives messages from your visitors. Even if you don’t know what it is yet, you’ll quickly discover the definition of sound and the benefits of applying these tips to your website.


The acronym SXO stands for Search Experience Optimization. This practice is about promoting visitor well-being through the relevance of website content. Invite your friends to visit our best-qualified fiction writing service and make yourself comfortable in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.

They thank them and hope they come back. The same applies to visitors to your website. Giving them a quality, targeted experience has all the potential to stick in their gut. As a garnish on the cake, they can become prospects (not your friend, but yours!). client, you know how to receive!). It is precisely this greeting that aims to provide an arcuate and comfortable experience that can be sublimated with these little tricks.

Here are some ingredients to please your guests

  • A foodie’s expectations should be at your fingertips. See if they like more salty or sweet, good wines and cocktails, and configure it around a semantic cocoon. Then offer specially designed a la carte content.
  • By becoming an expert in the field of interventions, you can provide informative, authoritative, and informative texts. Pay attention to semantic fields, article structure, and site internal links.
  • They make it more attractive: Before it can be good, it must be beautiful.
  • Avoid endless slides to present to your vacationing friends. They don’t dare to tell you, but you’re the only one who cares and it’s boring. I prefer dynamic images and high-quality videos that support your point of view.

User experience in the menu of the day

At SXO, the motto might be “Keep quiet, we’ll take care of everything.” There’s nothing better than a quiet and comfortable place to enjoy a good meal in company. Everything is played at an ergonomic level for a great user experience. Websites that take a long time to load will drive visitors away. If it’s not designed to be responsive, it can’t even be displayed on a mobile phone or tablet.

We now know that over half of our visitors are doing this from their mobile phones. It’s important not to lose any netizens between the two sites, as you won’t be keeping gourmets waiting between two dishes. Also, be sure to provide a link that opens in a new tab to prevent visitors from leaving your service before it starts.

There are simple and effective ways for implementing (external) work.

Remember, he only has 10 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention before you see him drift off to another horizon. So pay close attention to page load times.

Organize your website for easy navigation. Mixing appetizers, mains, and desserts on the same menu can make it difficult to choose. Your website should be uncluttered so readers don’t lose sight of it before they sit down to eat.

Google doesn’t like being presented with the same ways over and over again on different days. Varying the quality of your content will increase your chances of making him salivate and get his attention.

Google Impressions

Perhaps you’re wondering who will benefit from his SXO? The doors are wide open for you, but I’m not going to set all this up just to please others. In fact, it’s beneficial for everyone. Increasing time spent on your website makes Google the best ambassador (not chocolate).

Second, by minimizing your page’s bounce rate, you increase your chances of retaining your readers and converting them into customers. Standing ahead of your competitors by being the center of attention for your visitors. This is how they become indispensable and attract more and more Internet users.

Taking care of SEO and SXO will increase your chances of monetizing your website. In fact, the free traffic generated guarantees you a good position in The Tiny Tech results without having to pay for additional advertising.

Cooking like this seems like a hassle. Or you just don’t have time to prepare your writing and build a brigade of (student) web editors.


They are great at making SEO and SXO on web copywriter-worthy copy fest and marketing strategy. This definition of SXO helps us understand the importance of paying attention to Internet user acceptance. So why not get down to business and explore the map of possibilities together?

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