What became of Silverchair? Everything You Need to Know!


Silverchair, a well-known Australian rock band, rose to notoriety in the 1990s with their hit track “Tomorrow.” The three, comprised of Daniel Johns, Ben Gillies, and Chris Joannou, enjoyed amazing success during their active years. However, the band’s chemistry was harmed by its pursuit of success, leading to its extended hiatus in 2011. Since then, the members have pursued solo careers, leaving fans hoping for a reunion.

The Beginnings and Rise to Stardom Silverchair was founded in 1992 as Innocent Criminals in Newcastle, New South Wales. The youthful band immediately gained notoriety because of their raw talent and energy. Their music connected with people, as evidenced by five number-one albums on the ARIA charts and twelve ARIA awards. Their singles, such as “Tomorrow,” “Straight Lines,” and “Anthem for the Year 2000,” catapulted them to international stardom, with over ten million records sold worldwide.

Breakup and Obstacles

However, the band’s ambition for popularity eventually led to problems. Ben Gillies, the band’s drummer, observed that their focus switched from the enjoyment of creating music to financial success.

Furthermore, lead singer Daniel Johns struggled with personal concerns such as an eating disorder and reactive arthritis, putting additional strain on the band’s dynamics. These combined stresses led to the band’s indefinite breakup in 2011.

Individual Projects of Members Post-Silverchair

Following their divorce, the members pursued separate pursuits. Johns has launched a successful solo career, showcasing his originality and musical experimentation. Meanwhile, Joannou and Gillies have been busy with their projects. Fans dream of them returning to the music world, even though the members have not publicly discussed a possible reunion.

Silverchair’s Discography and Influence

Their discography of them attests to their talent and influence. Their creative style has left a long impact on the alternative rock genre, from their first single, “Tomorrow,” to albums like “Neon Ballroom” and “Young Modern.” Despite their break, Silverchair’s music inspires new generations of musicians and enchants audiences worldwide.

Daniel Johns: Silverchair’s Voice

Daniel Johns, the band’s principal singer, was instrumental in Silverchair’s success. Johns’ distinctive vocal and musical abilities contributed to Silverchair’s distinct sound. His mesmerizing performances and startling vocals continued to attract fans after he left the band in 2005, cementing him as one of Australia’s best rock vocalists.

Silverchair’s Present Situation

Although they are no longer active as an Australian rock band, The Rejects continue to live up to their legacy as one of the country’s most revered performers, leaving an everlasting mark in music history. Unfortunately, no arrangements for a future reunion have been made; nonetheless, fans worldwide continue to treasure their music in the hope that one day they will make another appearance on music stages worldwide.

Silverchair can be found on YouTube.

Even without an official YouTube channel, fans of the band can still see music videos and live performances on several fan-uploaded media. The existing content keeps Silverchair’s essence alive, allowing audiences to appreciate their music despite the indefinite break.


Silverchair’s music has left an unforgettable impression on global music scenes, inspiring and moving listeners worldwide with its passion, unique sound, and tremendous ability. Whether they reconcile or take separate paths, Silverchair’s history and music will continue to inspire audiences worldwide!

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