877-311-5134: Realtime Scam Experience


When I noticed the number flash up on my phone, I was going to call my bank and transfer a few thousand dollars to a new account. At first glance, it appeared innocuous—just another number with the prefix 877-311-5134. But something about it bothered me. So I decided to conduct some research. That’s when I discovered this number is a fraud aimed to steal your money.

This number is used by scammers to deceive you into thinking you are phoning your bank or another financial organization. If you respond, they may attempt to rob you by transferring your funds to a bogus account or selling you counterfeit items.

So be cautious where you receive your numbers and don’t fall prey to this scam. If you believe you have been a victim, call your bank or financial institution right once; they will be able to assist you.

What is the number 877-311-5134?

A fraud known as “877-311-5134” is now being distributed online. This hoax entails receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, Apple, or another technology company. 

The caller will inform you that your machine is infected with a virus and must be repaired. They will claim to be sending a technician to your home to repair the infection.

The first thing you should do is put the phone down when you got a call from 877-311-5134. Don’t allow them to persuade you to provide their personal information or access to your computer. If you do provide them access, they will exploit your trust by infecting your computer with malware or stealing your data.

Why did I contact them?

A woman named “Natalie” phoned me at 877-311-5134 and claimed to be from a debt-collecting firm. She stated that I owed $5,000 and that she could assist me in repaying it.

When she called, the first thing I did was look up her company on the internet.

I attempted to reach Natalie again, but all of my calls went to voicemail. Scammers apparently employ this method frequently: they appear authentic by leaving voicemails, but they don’t answer any queries or offer any information about how you may settle your bill.

What occurred after I dialed the number?

When I contacted them at 877-311-5134, the person on the other end of the phone said they could assist me with my problem and would be able to obtain my bank account information immediately. 

They stated that they would require my name, address, account number, and identity number in order to do so. I relayed all of that information to them and waited for a response.

Nobody showed up. When I called back a few days later at the same address 877-311-5134, the same person informed me that my bank account had been successfully transferred to their account and that all I had to do now was sign some papers. When I asked how much money I would get back, I was told $10,000. I again gave all of the needed information and waited for a response.

Nothing happened this time. I called back a few weeks later because I hadn’t received any mail from them, and this time I was put on wait while someone tried to locate me.

Needless to say, this was not at all what I expected, especially after spending so much time on the phone with someone who appeared to be quite convincing. This scam turns out to be rather widespread; one in every five people has been a victim of it at some point in their lives. The most effective strategy to safeguard oneself.

How could something like this happen to anyone?

Anyone can fall prey to a scam at 877-311-5134. The scammer could be someone you know or an unknown person. Phone calls, emails, and letters are all examples of scams.

The most typical sorts of scams involve false promises of financial possibilities, free vacations, and other types of perks. Some con artists employ frightening language or tactics to terrify you into giving them money or supporting their cause. Others may promise high returns from gambling or other ventures in exchange for quick and simple riches.

Whatever the scam is, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a sure way to gain money. Anything that appears to be too wonderful to be true most likely is. Don’t be taken in by fraudsters; there are plenty of better ways to make a living and enjoy life.


I received a phone call from 877-311-5134 last year. The caller identified himself as from my bank and informed me that there was an issue with some of my accounts. He stated I needed to call them back right away to fix the problem. I did as he requested and called the number several times during the day. I was always disconnected before I could finish speaking. 

It wasn’t until hours later that I recognized this number was most likely fake and that stuff had been stolen from one of my accounts. If you receive such a call, do not take any action on their behalf; instead, hang up and notify your bank or credit card company.

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