Baby Princess Through The Status Window Spoilers

Baby Princess Through The Status Window Spoilers

Discription of Novel:

I was condemned as a villainess when I died, but I somehow returned to the past as a five-year-old.

The moment I faced my father, who now looked younger, a strange blue window appeared before my eyes—it was a light blue window that revealed someone else’s true feelings.

**[ Alderuan Erveldotte ]**
Occupation: Emperor (Lv.99)
Favorability: 90,980,984
Mood: ♡ My Daughter ♡ I – Miss – You

. . . But Father?

I suppose that’s how you really feel, but . . . what the hell’s going on . . . ?

**[ Damian Erveldotte ]**
Mood: Excited to see ♡ my sister ♡
Thoughts: I wanna talk to you T-T

**[ Ellie ]**
Mood: Holding back from breaking the wall due to overwhelming cuteness
Thoughts: I’ll make a collection commemorating the cute princess’s daily life! ★

**[ Karmen Kasselov ]**
Mood: Excited
Thoughts: Why do you look prettier and prettier every time I look at you? What do they feed you at the palace? Do they have a kind of medicine that could make people pretty like this?

I thought you all hated me, but I guess not?!

If the status window was telling the truth about their moods and thoughts, then maybe I could live a different life this time around!

Before your newborn princess arrives, there are a few things you should know about her from Baby Princess Through The Status Window Spoilers. When the pregnancy is verified, her name will be revealed first. Second, she will be born in one of four different locations: your castle, a nearby settlement, a cold island, or a mountainside.

Third, because she has no parents, she is unable to inherit any of your kingdom’s wealth or resources. Instead, her growth will be decided by you and other officials of your king’s palace.

Last but not least, your tiny princess has utterly unprotected against hostile attack thanks to the status window spoilers. She will always require your protection.

What does a status window spoiler mean?

A Baby Princess Through The Status Window Spoilers is a piece of equipment that is normally installed on the inside of a vehicle’s windows, immediately above the window tint.

The spoiler’s purpose is to keep the sun from shining directly into the car’s cabin and blinding the occupants.

What are the advantages of employing a status window spoiler?

The advantages of using a Baby Princess Through The Status Window Spoilers for car passengers include greater safety and security, as well as increased awareness of their surroundings. Furthermore, by being able to see what is going on around the automobile, drivers are less likely to be involved in an accident.

Additionally, installing a status window spoiler can assist parents in keeping track of their children while driving.

What is the purpose of a status window spoiler?

The status window spoiler is an excellent way to monitor your baby’s health while driving. The spoiler is attached to the window and includes two lights that show how well your kid is doing.

You can use the spoiler to determine whether your baby has stopped breathing, is having a seizure, or is in discomfort. If you see your infant is in pain, pull over and transport them to the hospital.


What a touching and beautiful story. Baby princesses are frequently forgotten, but the status window spoilers show exactly how special they are. As these youngsters get older, they will undoubtedly face challenges and barriers that only time will teach them how to overcome.

Baby princesses mature as strong ladies who can empathize with the sufferings of others as a result of their trials. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt tale with us.

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