Uber No Car Available? 6 Methods to Fix this Now!

Car Available

Already running late and realized no uber car available? Wait. We got you sorted. The most frustrating and irritating part of these new tech apps is that they are often unavailable when required the most. Currently, Uber is suffering from a driver shortage hence, there is no one available to pick you up.

Without a doubt, Uber is one of the best and most reliable apps that has been recognized for delivering high customer satisfaction services. However, in this field, sometimes you might have to face the issue of no car available in the uber app. The situation could worsen if you are solely relying on uber for your transportation. Well, don’t worry, in this article, to ease your discomfort, don’t forget to read the solutions to fix the uber no car available problem. 

Reasons Why Uber Shows No Car Available?

There are multiple reasons why uber is unavailable to pick and drop you at your preferred location. All of them are listed below:

#1: The Covid-19 Impact

The omnipresence of the covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly disturbed the supply chain of drivers and the numbers are falling continuously. With the contagious nature of the virus, the drivers are also worried and unwilling to do ridesharing with the customer. Although, Uber is launching various new programs in which they will provide some incentives to the drivers to boost the company’s overall growth. Uber expects this problem to vanish soon as they think that after completion of vaccination, many drivers will return and work as full-time drivers.

Car Available
Uber No Car Available? The Covid-19 Impact

#2: Problems Of Uber Management 

Although Uber’s prime motive was to build a strong connection with customers and understand the mindset of the drivers regarding the company by providing its tremendous support. When a survey was conducted, it was found that the drivers were largely happy with the pay rate and customers were also totally unsatisfied with Uber support. Moreover, the average retention rate of uber is 4% as most of the drivers quit after completing one year, which indicates the poor management of uber towards their employees.

Car Available
Uber No Car Available? Problems Of Uber Management

#3: Policy Violation By The User

Uber cabs always keep a track of the behaviour and ratings whether it is the driver or a user, if you violated uber users’ community guidelines anytime during your uber journey, uber will not show you cars. Additionally, the drivers also have the allowance and authority to rate your behaviour and experience with the company.

Car Available
Uber No Car Available? Policy Violation By The User

#4: Non-updated Application

Due to the old version of your device, there is a high possibility that Uber will show you no cars available even though there is bright sunshine outside in the sky.

Car Available
Uber No Car Available? Non-updated Application

#5: Clash of Timings

At some times, drivers are unavailable even though there isn’t demand. For example, if you wish to book a cab at 4 AM, most drivers are not even awake and this is a common problem that is intended to happens in small cities or towns. However, in such a case, try to make your bookings priorly. 

Car Available
Uber No Car Available? Clash of Timings

#6: Weather Conditions

If you are stuck in bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, thunderstorm, and hailstorm, uber will always say no car is available because as per the authorities of government uber and other applications are not allowed to pick up the passenger as it is highly unsafe and can have adverse outcomes.

Car Available
Uber No Car Available? Weather Conditions

#7: Excessive Demand

If you are someone living in a big town or city, there are high chances that you might deal with this problem because of the overwhelming demand and population, drivers won’t accept your ride and your ride will ultimately get delayed.

Car Available
Uber No Car Available? Excessive Demand

Solutions To Fix Your Problem Of Uber No Car Available 

Is there any way to fix it? Well, yes. Some of the tried and tested ways are mentioned below:

#1: Be Calm And Try Again

If by chance, you get into some situation like this, try to remain calm and try again and again as drivers who are driving in search of passengers might come near you and uber can help you put on the radar with those drivers. There is also a possibility that drivers who were busy dropping off other passengers get free and be available for you, so it is advised to refresh the app timely.

Car Available
Uber No Car Available? Be Calm And Try Again

#2: Switch Locations If Possible 

Moving a few steps might change the whole scenario for you as you will get close enough to a cab instead of standing aside on the road, and that might provide you with a signal to uber and there are high chances that you will get a potential driver for yourself. Furthermore, Uber drivers don’t prefer passengers who are far away from them so it is suggested to pin your pick-up location on the map to a location near you.

Car Available
Uber No Car Available? Switch Locations If Possible

#3: Follow Alternative Ways 

Instead of wasting your time and energy on uber, shift to some other reliable apps. 

Lyft- in case you can find drivers on uber, it does not mean that same will happen on Lyft. Demand for Lyft drivers is very low as compared to Uber so they are available most of the time when needed.

Ola- This is also one of the emerging apps when it comes to providing excellent cab services to passengers, the network of Ola is undoubtedly solid and can assist you with your problem.

Car Available
Uber No Car Available? Follow Alternative Ways

#4:Restart Your Phone

This is one of the best and most recommended solutions because by doing this 90% of tech problems get solved immediately without any hassle.

Car Available
Uber No Car Available? Restart Your Phone

#5: Solve Network Issue

As mentioned above, the network can be an issue to get rid of this. Try to move here and there, and switch your phone to mobile data if you are using Wi-Fi to book a cab for yourself. 

Car Available
Uber No Car Available? Solve Network Issue

#6: Do All Necessary Updates

If the problem continues, check if you made all the updates in a uber application until and unless you don’t have the latest version uber will keep on displaying no cars available.

Car Available
Uber No Car Available? Do All Necessary Updates

#7: Log In Using A Different Account

In case you violated uber user guidelines before, using another account will help you find a cab for yourself.

Car Available
Uber No Car Available? Log In Using A Different Account

Though Uber is One of the Best Apps!

Though uber is one of the best apps, it is quite frustrating when you can’t find a cab to travel somewhere, all the possible reasons are stated above and necessary steps can be taken to get rid of it.

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