+99 wooden stick 33: Latest Manga Novel 

+99 wooden stick 33

If you’re a comic book fan, you should read +99 Wooden Stick 33. It’s a manga novel. Written by Kazuhiro Yamada and drawn by Keigo Sasaki, this novel follows the exploits of a mysterious young man and his group of friends.

Each chapter is packed with action, adventure, and suspense, making it an easy read for manga fans and thrilling.

What is the +99 wooden stick 33?

If you’re looking for another reading, check out +99 Wooden Stick 33. This manga novel is about a little boy who finds a wooden stick in the forest and uses it to fight evil spirits who are trying to take over the town.

The story is well-written and the art is great. If you’re looking for something new, I recommend giving this manga a try!

+99 Wooden Stick 33 Synopsis

In +99 wooden stick 33, when a group of high school students finds an ancient stick in the woods, they soon discover that it has magical powers. You quickly learn that the powers of the are not infinite.

Students must use their controls wisely to prevent their opponents from gaining posts. 

All Characters 

The characters in +99 Wooden Stick 33 are all unique in their own way. Starting with the main character, Atsushi is a young man who is very determined to succeed. He is naive but has strong values ​​and is always looking to improve.

His best friend and partner, Tsubasa, is also a unique character. He is energetic and always willing to try new things even if it takes risks. Together, the two forms an exciting team.

Next is Atsushi’s older sister, Aya. She is supportive, but she also knows how to push her brother when needed. She is also very smart and can be very manipulative when needed. Finally, Satsuki is Aya’s childhood friend who has always been by her side. Loyal and protective of her friends, she will do anything to help them.

What are your settings?

+99 Wooden Stick 33 is set in a dystopian future where governments rule society. The main character, Aketagawa, works as a government courier and is tasked with delivering packages to someone named “Frank”. However, upon arriving at the address, Aketagawa finds it abandoned. He decides to explore the building and soon discovers it is occupied by a group of rebels challenging government rule.

Aketagawa joins the rebel army and begins participating in their activities. He becomes close friends with one of them named Kojima and helps them plan an attack on a government building. increase.


If you’re a fan of manga and anime, you’ve probably come across +99 characters and locations. A popular series that combines elements of both genres. Now, for the first time ever, the full story is available in one volume of his. Additional chapters were also added containing some of the main character’s backgrounds in his stories. 

The stage of “+99” is a world where there are many people with special powers called “talents”. These talents can control objects or dodge enemies with special attacks. After a group of terrorists murdered his parents, young Kyoichi Sakakibara was accepted by the headmaster of a prestigious academy and given a new name 99.

Kyoichi quickly befriends other students who have talents such as telekinesis and telepathy. Together they fight against terrorists who continue to target them and their families.


Manga and anime fans will appreciate the depth and detail of the +Wooden Stick 33. It’s a story full of action and adventure, all while retaining the iconic character designs that made +99 famous. If you’re looking for a fun read to take you on an exciting journey, look no further than +Wooden Stick 33!

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