Can Rose Quartz Be In The Sun And Not Be Destroyed?

Rose Quartz

Is your Rose Quartz White? Well, this is a clear indication of impure crystals holding impurities in the Iron. A true Rose quartz, the pink colour gem, is a crystal representation of the purest form of love and true rose quartz can be found in various parts of the world including the United States, Australia, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Sweden, and Germany. 

The white colour of Rose Quartz can be caused due to excessive sunlight as it consists of Ultraviolet rays, high energy, and photons. So does it mean it should be kept away from the sun? Let’s do in-depth research on rose quartz, and whether it should be kept in the sun?

Rose Quartz And Its Relation With The Sun 

Rose Quartz
Its Relation With The Sun

The rose quartz crystal has a strong and merging bond with the elements present on the globe that helps in constituting natural environments including the sun. Without a doubt, the sun’s rays can be extremely beneficial for this crystal as the traditions will restore and revive its healing power along with instilling you with an abundant supply of beaming energy. However, there are certain precautions which are also advised to take to attain the purest form of the rose quartz as excessive heat can disturb the flow of energy. 

Heat Effects On Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz 
Heat Effects

When rose quartz comes in contact with heat waves, it might turn your crystal grey or white, as the most common and happening effects. This is because the heat causes the molecules in the crystal to rearrange, which ultimately results in changes in colour in the crystal.

But Does The Sun Help Me In Cleaning Rose Quartz? Let’s Find Out.

Rose Quartz
But Does The Sun Help Me In Cleaning

The answer to the above question is yes. A restricted amount of light will be helpful for your rose quartz. The crystal is obtained from the natural elements of the earth and receives energy from the sun as well as water. A limited time can provide you with exceptional results and will certainly refresh and recharge your pink crystal.

Precautions To Be Taken While Keeping Rose Quartz In The Sun 

Rose Quartz
Precautions To Be Taken While Keeping In The Sun

However, while keeping the crystal in the sun, there are some necessary precautions that you must follow to avoid disruptions in the flow of energy that can undoubtedly add impurities to the crystal. 

#1: Note Down The Time

Limiting sun exposure is an essential precaution to maintain the sustainability of the rose quartz. Every crystal is derived from earthy elements and these components can simply vanish if kept under the sun’s heat and energy. 

Furthermore, exposing rose quartz to the sun for a long time can affect the natural colour of the crystal, resulting in fading away. While using solar energy to charge your rose quartz, always keep in mind that the time does not exceed the limit. Moreover, the best way for maintaining the time limit is to set a reminder on your mobile phone for 2 hours maximum and protect it from the excessive scorching heat of the sun.

#2: Adjust The Placement 

This is also one of the most concerning factors while placing your rose quartz in the sun and cannot be ignored at any cost. 

Assume that you have placed your crystal in such an area or a direction, where your rose quartz crystal is exposed directly to the natural lights of the sun. Well, in that case, your stone can be harmed so badly and your crystal can automatically lose its beauty and colour. Always keep in mind that if your rose quartz will get over-dose of the sunlight continuously, the colour of the stone will fade and will turn into a pale pink colour. Additionally, there are also high possibilities that it might appear whitish sometimes for you. 

So to maintain the extraordinariness of the crystal you are recommended to place your rose quartz in a place, which is almost shaded and is not in direct contact with harmful rays of the sun. Doing this will help you enhance the credibility and exquisiteness of your rose quartz.

#3: Try New Methods To Charge Your Rose Quartz 

Although energy provided by the sun helps crystals to enhance energizing vibrations that assist in strengthening, reloading, and grooming their healing properties. Charging rose quartz again and again by keeping it under the sun’s rays might affect crystal appearance in the long term. 

Therefore, opt for another method such as keeping under the lights of the moon. This will not fade the colour of rose quartz and will help in the process of reviving healing properties once again. In addition, rose quartz crystal works very well with the emerging lights of the moon. The moonlight is also a delicate source of energy with an amalgamation of peaceful and soothing nature.

Rose Quartz Got Destroyed Because Of The Excessive Sunlight? 

Rose Quartz
Got Destroyed Because Of The Excessive Sunlight?

Even if your stone got destroyed and damaged in the sun, the energy properties will remain the same and it would still have a unique vibration and great spiritual ability. However, the power which the stone had earlier may not be present now and according to geologists, it is recommended to hand over the stone to someone else, because broken rose quartz is considered a sign of immense negativity. If possible, do not keep the gem now. 

Rose Quartz!

Rose quartz is one of the best crystals for unconditional love and a magical and mysterious healing crystal. Rose quartz has a strong relationship with the sun. It helps rose quartz in getting power back and also helps in providing an abundant supply of beaming energy.

You can also clean your rose quartz crystal with the assistance of the sun but certain precautions and necessary steps are recommended and needed to achieve and maintain the exquisiteness of your rose quartz gem. Moreover, the excessive scorching heat of the sun can destroy the crystal symbolizing negativity.

The purpose of wearing the rose quartz shall be revered. Therefore, be careful while cleaning and charging the rose quartz and use other alternatives to recharge the magnetic powers of the crystal. 

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